Cash Home Buyers: The Way To Sell Your House Without Investing in Repairs

You may be planning on selling your house. But there is always something to fix, repair or replace. Usually, when real estate agents look for a new place, they can get picky, which is pretty understandable. This means you might be thinking of all the money you will have to spend for those agents to choose your house. 

Picture all the time you will have to wait for all the extended paperwork. Plus, the extra money on holding costs until closing the sale. However, there is a better choice on the market for you. Cash home buyers are gaining popularity due to buying houses as-is. Keep reading to learn how to sell your house in no time!

Why Are Home Buyers Your Best Choice?

There are many benefits from selling your home to cash home buyers. You’ll be released from all the traditional house-selling struggles. This means you won’t have to worry about significant repairs in case you are in a hurry.

Sell Your House As-Is!

Cash home buyers will take your house in any conditions. It doesn’t matter how many issues it has or how many repairs it needs. They will make an offer for your home either way. 

Imagine if a home inspector identifies serious plumbing problems (for example). It could complicate and extend the typical real estate process of selling a house. However, with cash home buyers, it doesn’t matter; they will provide a cash offer for your house as-is.

It’s A Hassle-Free Process!

You won’t have to go through brain-wrecking requirements to sell your house. It is way easier than you may think. All you will have to do is answer a few questions, wait for the offer and receive your payment in no time. 

You can get your cash offer in less than 24 hours for free! Lastly, you will obtain your cash on the closing date you decide. Pretty easy, huh?

No Commissions or Hidden Fees

Real estate agents ask the seller to pay a 6% average of the total commission and fees, which can translate into thousands of dollars if you think about it. On the other hand, when selling to a cash buyer, you won’t be paying for any of that. This selling option is all about win-win solutions for sellers and buyers.

Think about the time you would have to wait with a regular real estate agent. Now think about tax and insurance payments and other holding costs you won’t have to pay anymore. These reasons have made this selling option so appealing to many people.

Choosing Rex Property Group Is the Way to Go!

Rex Property Group is a family-owned business located in New Orleans, LA. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best cash offers in the area. Our goal is to help homeowners escape from their sticky home-owning situations. Forget about long-lasting and expensive selling processes for your home.

You won’t have to worry about fixing your house’s damaged features. We will take care of it for you instead. All you need to do is reach out to us, and we will be pleased to make an offer for your home in less than a day. If selling your house has been daunting for you, we are what you’ve been looking for. 



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