Quick and Safe; Sell Your House Fast in New Orleans, LA

Suppose you’re looking to sell your home but only have a few months to do it. Your home also needs repairs, which will set you back another couple of months. Also, this repair means you need to pay thousands of dollars. Does this sound familiar? Well, no more sleepless nights because Rex Property Group will buy your house for cash and fast in New Orleans, LA.

Our responsible approach allows you to sell your house in a transaction with a fair price agreed upon by both parties. We are a cash home buyer business ready to answer any questions!

Need To Repair Your Home? No Problem!

At Rex Property Group, we’ll buy your home regardless of its condition. Need to fix the roof? Have plumbing problems? No problem. You don’t have to fix anything before selling your property because we’ll take care of the repairs. 

Our transparent business model means that you don’t have to pay commissions or fees. We’ll buy for cash with a straightforward offer, and we will risk repairing and reselling the property at a profit. It’s just that easy!

Find Value by Selling Your House Fast

Time is always valuable when it comes to needing cash fast for any purpose. At Rex Property Group, we understand that, and that’s why after you submit your information, we’ll work hard to find common ground to purchase your property. 

We look at factors such as location, property condition, any repairs needed, and average prices on similar houses in the area. After all these considerations and approval of the property, we’ll provide you with a fair cash offer for both of us. 

The advantages of selling a house to Rex Property Group are many. For one thing, you won’t need to pay any fees or commissions because we’re not real estate agents. We’re homebuyers that will purchase the property directly from you. 

Rex Property Group Will Help You Obtain Your Goals

Maybe you’re interested in buying a new home or need financial stability because you’re relocating to another state. Whatever the situation, selling your property for cash could be an economic, strategic move. 

By purchasing your house with a cash offer at Rex Property Group, we’ll provide money so you can organize your financial plans. By having a respectable business on your side, you will feel confident that your property will be sold at a fair price. 

Contact us, the expert house buyers in New Orleans, LA.