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Sell Your House New Orleans LA

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Sell Your New Orleans House Fast For Cash

Selling your house? Want to know how to quickly and easily sell your house for cash in Louisana? We can certainly help with that, here we go! The process is very easy and starts with a phone call.

Why Rex Property Group?

In two words, stress free. Rex Property Group LLC helps you avoid many of the hassles of the traditional home selling process. We make an all cash offer that helps you get out of your home in a shorter time than a regular sale to a new buyer. You have more control over the process with Rex Property Group LLC because there are fewer middlemen to deal with. 

Are you eyeing a property you want to buy after you sell? Contact Rex Property Group LLC so you can get your home sold right away to get ahead of the real estate market and other buyers. Call us at (504) 313-3370. Use our years of experience to your advantage.

Selling Your Home in New Orleans

You’ve found the perfect home, or you find home maintenance overwhelming and you’d rather sell. Unfortunately, getting your home ready for sale is not an easy process if you are not a serious do it yourselfer – or aren’t willing to spend some money. Selling your home is about presentation and making a home look good to someone else. 

You don’t need to rearrange everything to make it look good to someone else. We evaluate properties quickly – and based on comparable homes, and don’t rely on that warm fuzzy feeling – or the right layout or paint colors to decide if we want a home. 

We are completely different from the average buyer who needs to secure finance and might need to sell their home or end a lease to buy yours. We have cash on hand and are ready to move quickly to buy your home.

Imagine skipping staging and wondering what way the furniture should be arranged and where pillows should be. Most people aren’t into that, especially if there is no solid reward for them. 

No fees

Carefully calculating how much money you’ll make on your home can be difficult. Why? The realtor and closing costs will go up and down based on the price of the home being sold. 

How about a solid cash offer without a realtor or brokerage taking a percent in closing costs and fees? That’s right. Rex Property Group LLC has all that taken care of. The number you see is what you get. 


Selling your home can be joyous or stressful. It depends on why you are selling. You can enable yourself to make the process go faster and easier with Rex Property Group LLC. We are one call away from helping you sell your home for cash. Give us a call at (504) 313-3370