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Sell Your House Without A Realtor In New Orleans LA

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Sell Your House Without A Real Estate Agent In LA

You’ve seen them on billboards, on TV, signs, and even benches – but what do realtors do that you can’t do when selling a house. The answer is that you can sell a house on your own, and we’ll go over some details about what you’ll need to do to sell your house without a realtor.

General role of a realtor

A realtor’s job is to help get your home ready for sale, do paperwork, and know a bit about home selling laws. The


The realtor’s role starts when they walk in the door to learn about your house. A realtor will want to know things like square footage, how many bedrooms it has, and what parts of the house were upgraded recently. All of these items go into how much money you will be asking for your home.

Market Research

Realtors use comparable homes in the area that recently sold to establish how much you should ask for your house. The realtor’s goal is to balance between making your home sell as quickly as their client needs, and pricing it to make the seller and themselves money.


Do you have an eye for design? Maybe not. Realtors and their staging crews know how to maky a house warm and cozy from the moment a prospective buyer walks in. Without going into a tremendous amount of detail, staging can be more important than doing minor repairs in making a buyer feel like they are home.

Open House

After staging, consider your realtor to be a salesperson for your house. Instead of you standing around and talking to buyers, they will want to host an open house for people to come and freely look at your home. They want to make connections and talk about features. While it’s possible to have little traffic at an open house, it’s also possible to find the right buyer at one.

Sorting through offers

With a realtor, there will come a time, hopefully soon, that you’ll receive an offer or two on your home. The realtor’s job is to negotiate between you and the prospective buyer to both get you the most money possible, and to make the process easier. A realtor will also better know the upsides and downsides of offers based on your situation. Negotiation is common in home sales and you should be prepared for it.

Legal work

We’ve now reached the point where most homeowners eyes will glaze over. Real estate certainly has it’s own legal process. What is the homeowner liable for? What contracts do they need to sign? Do you measure the stack of paperwork you’ll have to compile yourself by inches, or by the amount of time it takes to assemble.

A realtor’s office is ready for legal paperwork. They have templates and experts for the purpose do you don’t use your time.


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