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Foreclosure In New Orleans LA

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We Buy Houses in Foreclosure In New Orleans LA

Buying your home can be a point of pride for many homeowners. Selling your home instead of foreclosure can be a difficult time for many people. Homeowners lose their jobs or get sick and can’t work. The situations are generally not pleasant, but Rex Property Group LLC can help you avoid the larger issues that come from foreclosure and your future.

Making it Easy With Rex Property Group LLC

The potential for foreclosure is a bit scary. A foreclosure hurts your credit score and your chance to buy items and services on credit. To people who have raised a family in their home or lived there a long time, it means losing the memories of a place. 

These problems are not always avoidable, but they certainly can be made easier by not making you fix up your home to be more attractive to buyers. The traditional home selling process can be slow and requires lots of work and paperwork. Calling Rex Property Group LLC helps you avoid nearly all these issues. Just call (504) 313-3370. We have heard many, many situations and we can help

It’s Ok to Accept Help

Homeowners who are facing foreclosures often have a variety of issues. Being behind on payments due to a lack of work, being ill, and other financial issues can lead to bigger health problems and worse credit down the road. It’s ok to get help from cash home buyers like Rex Property Group LLC. We have the resources to get you out of a situation that can be emotionally and physically draining.

Trust Rex Property Group LLC

You can trust Rex Property Group LLC because we have a process. We aren’t that company planning “We buy ugly houses” on a freeway exit ramp. We also understand the impact of having an actual foreclosure on your report, so we move quickly to help you avoid an out of control situation.

One call to Rex Property Group LLC starts a swift but easy “sell my house fast” process. We’ll either come to look at the details of your home or use photos to determine the value of your place. You’ll receive an all-cash offer with no closing costs or realtor fees. You can decide to sell or not and avoid issues with the bank.

Foreclosure is a far larger burden than accepting help and avoiding having higher interest rates and the inability to borrow later in life. We aim to help people who don’t have much of a choice.

You’ll get a better offer than you expected – we are fair!

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