Sell Your House This Summer in New Orleans, LA

Summertime is all about family, sunny days, and fun. Activities like going for a picnic, walking, or even laying down in the grass to contemplate and relax are never a bad choice. But you can never go wrong planning a pool day for your family. Everyone would sign up for that, except when plans go sideways. 

What if your pool got messed up? You would waste summer spending money and time on fixing the pool. We at Rex Property Group in New Orleans, LA, will save you from that hassle. We can provide just what you need without spending money or wasting that precious summer time with your family. Instead, upgrade and sell your home to us and get a new one in no time!


Get Your New House This Summer

Maybe selling your house is not the answer you think you need. Instead of spending lots of money and time on fixing your pool for the summer, let us help. We buy houses as they are, so you won’t have to fix your pool to sell it. You won’t have to clean or fix anything else. 

This is your chance to upgrade to a new and better house. Buying and closing a home is a no-time matter with us. Therefore, you will get your cash offer and money within two weeks or two months if you wish, just in time to get a new house with a better pool for the summer. 

Even considering real estate agencies can be exhausting since these tend to negotiate house repairs and last longer to close the deal. So you would also be wasting time and money as if you were to fix your pool. Rex Property Group is your best choice this summer to sell your house fast. 

Fair Offer & Deal Closed in No Time With Rex Property Group! 

We are a family-owned business that helps homeowners like you. We are ready to make an offer for your house. This is the time for you to take summer to a new level. At Rex Property Group in New Orleans, LA, you can close the date of your choice. 

We will only provide you with no- obligation, win-win solutions to help you escape your sticky situation. When you are ready to sell, sell to Rex.