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Sell Your House In New Orleans Without Making Repairs

When you have decided to sell your home, then realized that your home might need more work to make it more attractive to an average buyer. Does your home have some issues that today’s real estate buyers will nitpick and ask you to fix? Then don’t open your home to showings. Rex Property Group LLC buys homes. We can work with you and help you sell your house easily.

Selling Your Home As-Is

You might have seen the label online when researching “how to sell my house fast as is”. It means that you, as the seller, will not be making any additional repairs to the home. The buyer is still protected, of course. The seller will need to fill out disclosures about many of the details of a home to properly sell the home as is. You’ll want to answer questions about how the basics function and whether or not the home has had issues like water damage or electrical problems.

When selling your home as is, it’s very important to be honest with the disclosure. 

Making Your Home Look Good Without Spending Too Much Money

Simply having a clean, fresh looking house with no serious, obvious issues that aren’t on the disclosure can make a cash home buyer feel good about buying your home.

  • Get the carpets and floors cleaned. Stains, scratches,and scuffs might have a story for you, but not for someone else. Renting a carpet cleaner is fairly inexpensive and just about anyone can run one. A freshly cleaned carpet also smells great. Wood floors can use a mop and other products that give the floor a nice shine.
  • Get new lightbulbs. Have you ever seen a real estate listing without good, proper lighting? It doesn’t look good. Lightbulbs are a very cheap, very effective way of giving some new life to your home. Choosing daylight bulbs helps find the right color temperature while looking natural and bright
  • Check for leaks. Your buyers will be looking for signs of problems. Look underneath sinks and at showerheads. Caulk what is needed to prevent leaks.
  • Paint. Paint can make a home look new, and it’s fairly inexpensive while not overly physically demanding for most people. Choose a neutral color like gray or white that a new homeowner can apply some contrast to.

You Can Sell to Rex Property Group LLC

You can trust Rex Property Group LLC because we have a process. We aren’t Does that list sound a little overwhelming? You can skip it by selling to Rex Property Group LLC. Your house won’t need you to rent anything, repair anything, or do much else besides get some paperwork ready.

Packing and getting mail forwarding ready is enough work. You can get started on the process of selling your home as-is by contacting us at Rex Property Group LLC. Give us a call at (504) 313-3370.

You are one phone call away from the easy way – and cash, with Rex Property Group LLC.

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