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Sell Your Inherited House In New Orleans LA

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We Buy Inherited Houses in New Orleans LA

When a loved one dies, there can be many cases to close on their lives. From planning a funeral to taking the care of last wishes – some people even receive a home from their deceased family member or friend. Inheriting a house isn’t often what you see in the movies when you receive a mansion – and some people don’t actually want a house and the responsibility it comes with. Rex Property Group LLC can help you sell without the headaches.

Eliminating Stress

To say that closing out someone else’s life, even a loved one, is difficult might be an understatement. You’ll have all sorts of emotions to sort through in addition to tasks to complete. 

Rather than sorting through all their things, paperwork, and everything else, we can make a cash offer on the home – with an as is contract.

For you, this means you’ll have to do very little if anything to prepare the house besides moving things out. There are no surprise fees – or even closing or realtor costs because we take care of all of that.

Selling to us enables you to free up your time from doing showings and fixing nitty gritty details of your inherited home. 


The Best Part of Selling to Rex Property Group LLC

Rex Property Group LLC takes care of the entire process. You’ll have plenty to do, and let’s face it – not everyone wants to inherit a home. We can come out to the property or take care of many aspects of the home using photos or videos. Once we have all the information we need, we’ll have an offer to you within 24 hours.

We have a fast and flexible home selling process. Rather than wait for potentially months to fix up the home and sell it, we can step right in and make the steps to selling a home go much faster. You’ll return to normal life and have cash in hand for the home.

One of the most annoying parts of selling a home is finding a qualified buyer and setting a closing date. The closing date can change without much notice and force you to continue caring for the home and pay property taxes and utilities. With Rex Property Group LLC, we can buy the property quickly because we aren’t waiting for financing. You won’t have to worry about the unpredictability of the average buyer when selling your house fast.

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