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Sell Your House With Tenants In New Orleans LA

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Are you tired of being a landlord? It’s not for everyone, and eventually, you’ll want to move on and sell the house. Being a landlord can be a thankless job, and getting tenants to leave can be a problem in itself. Rex Property Group LLC can help you sell your house and work out your tenant situation.


While the passive income from renting our your house is certainly a positive, being a landlord can involve some hands-on work that most don’t want to deal with. Collecting rent in some legal environments can be a pain, and getting late night calls about home problems is not everyone’s favorite. 

Renting your home to someone comes with risks that some homeowners decide they don’t want to deal with, so they prepare to sell the house. When in this situation, talk to Rex Property Group LLC in Mandeville, Louisiana, for help getting your house sold and your tenants out. 

Why Rex Property Group LLC

We have lots of experience buying and selling homes. We have the resources available to help you sell your house and move the tenants within along. You can then easily sell your home to us without worrying about investing additional time or money into repairs. When selling to Rex Property Group LLC, you can skip the hassle of showings and even going to the hardware store. 

Benefits Rex Property Group LLC offers

We make selling your home, even with tenants, simple and easy for you. You’ll also save some money as you don’t have to deal with realtor fees or closing costs – we’ve got that covered for you. No surprises either! Don’t you dread the phone call where the real estate brokerage and closing company missed something?

For many current homeowners, the best part is that you won’t even have to get your hands dirty. No worrying about what you should put your limited budget toward fixing if you don’t have to fix anything, and the tenants are helped to leave.

Our selling process starts once you contact us

Working with Rex Property Group LLC is just a matter of a phone call. Like a realtor, we’ll ask you details about your home that we couldn’t find online. Then we can arrange to either receive photos of your home or come take a look for ourselves. No matter which way you do it, you’ll skip the hassle of doing multiple showings for strangers, and waiting for tenants to fully vacate. 


Selling a house with tenants by yourself can be a slow process, to say the least. You’ll need to tell tenants you are selling, then hope they leave in a timely manner all getting the home ready to go. Skip the difficult part and have Rex Property Group LLC handle the whole transaction for you. You and your time will be glad you did!